Solaris Design System


Codebots rarely uses photography in its brand outside of product shots displaying the platform. However it is sometimes necessary to promote events, people or even new features that require a higher and more human standard of imagery other than our illustrations.


The product may need to be presented in a more personal and human way. To do this, we have two different styles. An emotive human one shot and a more productive screenshot one.

Human shots

Our emotive human shots should be used to represent the product in the best possible light. These images of the product should be taken with a camera, rather than on a computer. They should always be at an angle to the screen and have a depth of field. You may add in a person to the foreground if you wish, or you can leave it as just a photo of the screen. When in sequence with other shots, they should be consistent in their framing and composition.

Screen shots

The productive images of the product should be screenshots taken from a 1920x1080 resolution. The platform productive shots should always be:

Brand shots

When wanting to add visual aids to the product, you may use photography in dynamic context such as blogs, articles or courses. They should be used sparingly if at all elsewhere in the product.


As we put humans first in our brand, we want to use photography that reflects that. NEVER use stock images or imagery that resembles stock images. All photos should be taken by the team or sourced from creative commons locations such as Unsplash. They should be of people in their natural state and not stage where possible, using candid shots is preferred.

Our team

We encourage the use of our team to reflect the brand and want to showcase their personality. We have a strong culture in Codebots and believe that it helps us to connect with other teams of a similar size and culture.


When Codebots attends/hosts events, we should grab as many photos as possible to represent the team, brand and culture. Any photos taken by a 3rd party should still adhere to our style guide or should be clearly labelled as being taken by the other party.