Solaris Design System


Values aren’t just words we believe in, they are standards we live by as an organisation.

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Initiative but not a lone wolf

The brand We believe in supporting businesses with the tools they need to improve their development and software workflows. We listen to the market and ensure we are delivering value to our customers. Not only that, but we take the bold step to innovate in the marketplace, but not at the expense of industry knowledge.

The team We believe that the best work comes from a sense of entrepreneurship that seeks to always be improving our system with new ideas and direction. We empower our team members to push the boundaries of what Solaris is and have a say in its direction. By working as a team and following the Design System, we are able to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

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Urgency but not rushed

The brand Codebots strives to increase customers workflows and development by lightning factors, but without sacrificing their innovation.

The team We strive to have short and focused iterations that help solve problems and bring value to our product. With so many teams working on the same system, it is imperative that we document early and fast, so we all know what each team is working on. By following the correct documentation processes, we ensure that nothing is untested and rushed out the door.

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Fun but not unprofessional

The brand The Codebots brand is designed to float in the space between being a professional development tool and a clean, forward-thinking, innovative platform. We want to stand apart from our competitors and offer a fresh take on the market.

The team The strength of our community and culture come from our ability to have fun in a professional environment. As we grow, it is important that we hold onto what makes us who we are and maintain that balance.

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Scientific but not heartless

The brand We believe that creating a battle-tested way of working can only help improve businesses ability to get products to market faster but with less worry. Our products are designed to support this mindset with integrations both internal and external that allow customers to have better transparency over the entire cycle.

The team We follow the concept of experimenting and swift iterative development cycles. By testing and prototyping the problem out enough times to ensure we are delivering the best solution to our customers.